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Our goal is to provide a functional and community based instructional curriculum through structured teaching
methods to encourage and promote each student to reach his or her full potential and be as independent as possible.

Helping Bridge the Gap Between Therapy and Academics

Our Clinic is a unique facility where children and families can feel safe to be themselves. Our prescriptive approach to intervention enables us to maximize your child’s potential in all areas.

Working in unison with the clinic, our Academy is a dynamic school offering a comprehensive academic curriculum in a highly specialized day scholl promoting fundamental foundations for functional learning.

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Did You Know?
Physical therapy (PT), or sometimes called physiotherapy, focuses on improving gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination, and strength and endurance.
Our holistic approach treats the whole child.
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My son is four years old and has speech delay as well as sensory deficits. Due to these issues, he is unable to communicate as well as he'd like which has him very frustrated and he would act out because of it. Thanks to PAL clinic he has changed so much. He is now able to communicate with us his needs and is so much better in many aspects of his development... all in only two short months. We are very thankful and would recommend it to all who need it. The staff is absolutely wonderful. I'm thankful that they are now a part of our lives!
JDR, Florida


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